Episode 19: The Dos and Don’ts of Sabbath

About the Episode Did you know that when God gave the Israelites the command to observe Sabbath, he didn’t give them an extensive list of dos and don’ts? The “rules” that we typically think of when we think of Sabbath were the result of...

Episode 16: Self-care, Soul-care, and the Sabbath

About the Episode At first glance, it might be able to lump self-care, soul-care, and Sabbath all into the same category: something that helps a mom not burn out. But, they actually all serve a different purpose and all are necessary to a well-balanced life. Listen...

Episode 07: Sabbath and the Christmas Story

About the Episode We often don’t think of the word Sabbath when we talk about Christmas and the birth of Jesus, but actually, the two are closely related. And even though some have pointed to Jesus as a reason to ignore the Sabbath, you really can’t have...

Episode 01 | Sabbath & Our Image-Bearer Role

Yes, momma, you need to rest. And you have permission to rest. But have you ever considered the fact that you were designed to rest? That’s what we’re talking about on today’s episode. Listen in.

Episode 00 | Simply Sabbath Trailer

Rest doesn’t have to be a 4-letter word. If you feel like you are about to break from exhaustion, let me invite you to Simply Sabbath, a podcast for the burnt-out Christian mom.

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