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Podcast Interviews with Rachel

You Don't Have to be Perfect

Episode: Sabbath Rest

Vanessa and I discuss how Sabbath is really a gift wrapped up in a command. We also discussed how practicing Sabbath protects us from perfectionism.

Dawn App

Mini-Series: The 5Rs of Sabbath Rest

Within the Dawn App, I recorded a mini-podcast series in which I discuss what it means to remember, reflect, reconnect, relax, and rejoice in your Sabbath practice.

When God Breaks Through

Episode 41: Table Talk with Rachel Fahrenbach: Comparison

Bethany and I discuss how all women compare themselves to a standard, whether it is to other women, an internal measurement, or how we were raised. And, how resting with God can bring you peace, clarity, and contentment. 

Finding God in Our Pain

Episode: Rachel Fahrenbach – Identity, Purpose, Belonging and the Sabbath

We discuss what rest can do for you in all the areas of your life, and rest in the form of practicing Sabbath. Especially as it relates to the foundational areas of life: identity, purpose and belonging. When those 3 areas are healthy we get to enjoy things like peace, clarity, and joy for the journey.

Depth Podcast

Episode 89: Rest & Reflect

Jodi and I discuss the 5Rs of Sabbath rest, what my personal Sabbath journey has looked like, and how I use reflection as part of my weekly Sabbath.

This Mom Knows

Episode 21: This Mom Knows Rest

Jenn and I discuss how I learned to embrace her own uniqueness, and how it was through the most unlikely practice — learning to rest — where this happened.

Seek Wholly Living

Episode 21: The Importance of Sabbath

Christa and I discuss what the Sabbath is and why it is important.  We also take on the biggest struggle in our busy culture of how we can intentionally begin practicing the Sabbath as an act of obedience and expect to see God’s faithfulness and blessings in our life.

In the Whisper

Episode: Rest & Reflect, A Conversation with Rachel Fahrenbach

We discuss how my family started practicing Sabbath and what I’ve been learning from it.

Resources from
The Bible Project

The BibleProject has created this wonderful video about the significance of and connection between the Sabbath, the 7th day, and Jesus’ death and resurrection.

An Even More Deeper Dive

On the BibleProject podcast, Tim Mackie and Jon Collins go deeper over 14 episodes as they discuss Sabbath rest and the appearance of the 7th day in the scriptures. It is a facinating conversation to listen in on.

A Little Deeper Dive into Sabbath

The guys at the BibleProject also compiled their study notes so you can read a little more about the concept of Sabbath in the scriptures. They list their sources at the end of the document in case you want to read even more.

Books on Sabbath

A Brief History of Sunday

This book is so enlightening! It presents the information of how our understanding of Sunday has changed over the generations simply and without an attempt to convince of a specific viewpoint.

Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

A lovely encouragment for believers to live counter-culturally, following Jesus in every part of our lives, and embracing rest.


In Sabbath, Allender builds a case for delight by looking at this day as a festival that celebrates God’s re-creative, redemptive love using four components:

  • Sensual glory and beauty
  • Ritual
  • Communal feasting
  • Playfulness

Take Back Your Family

Not necessarily a book about Sabbath but Bethke does dive into how our modern-day culture has divided and pulled a part our family and the importance of intentional, rhythmic practices in our lives.

Breathe Bible Study

We are enslaved to busyness in our culture today, especially as women. This Bible study drives into the concept of the 7th day and the gift that God gives us in a day of rest.

Other Helpful Links

7 Things to Know about Sunday

David Schrock wrote an article for The Gospel Coalition outlining 7 things to understand about “Sabbath” vs “Sunday.”

Sabbath 101 from Family Teams

The guys at Family Teams (Jeremy Pyror & Jefferson Bethke) have cultivated a community focused on building a strong family team and part of their strategy is by implementing Sabbath. Click here to see their resources on Sabbath.

Interview with Dr. Matthew Sleeth

In this episode of the Grace Enough Podcast, Amber Cullum interviews a former ER doctor about his move to implement slower rhythms of rest in his life. He is the author of 24/6: A Perscription for a Happier Life.

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Sabbath Liturgy

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Remember: Guided Journal Pages

Purchase the Remember guided journal pages to reflect on the past year before making goals for the upcoming one.

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