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Sabbath 101

Dig deeper into concept of Sabbath if Christian should observe it.

Sabbath How-Tos

Dig deeper into which day of the week, how many hours, and the dos and don’t of the day.

Blessing of Practice

Dig deeper into the rhythm of Sabbath and the freedom from perfection we find in it.

Shabbat Meal

Dig deeper into the beautiful tradition of starting the Sabbath with a family meal.

Sabbath & Identity

Dig deeper into the implications Sabbath has on our identity as Christians.

Sabbath & Purpose

Dig deeper into how our understanding of rest impacts our understanding of work.

Sabbath Prayers

Prayers for a posture of rest in the busy of our everyday lives as Christian moms.

Other Resources

Dig deeper into great resources from others on the topic of Sabbath, rest, and work.

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Sabbath Liturgy

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Remember: Guided Journal Pages

Purchase the Remember guided journal pages to reflect on the past year before making goals for the upcoming one.

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