Remember: Guided Journal Pages

You’ve tried it all before: goal setting, vision casting, resolution making… but something feels like it is missing as you move from one year to the next. You are excited to see the calendar page turn, but once it does it feels like maybe you missed a step. 
You probably did. 
In scripture we see altars built and festivals observed with the sole purpose of remembering. We often avoid looking back before moving on because doing so brings us face-to-face with our failures and disappointments. But, this step of remembering has less to do with our accomplishments and successes and more to do with the faithfulness of God and His enduring commitment to his promises.
Remember is a collection of 15 guided journal pages that help you:
  • reflect on how God moved this past year
  • rest your worries, fears, dreams, and goals for the new year with Jesus
  • resist defining your worth in your own works
  • embrace God’s true and good perspective of your life
  • identify what you need to release in the new year
  • prayerfully commit the new year to God
  • enter the new year with hopeful expectation
What’s included?
  • 15 guided journal pages
  • 4 categories of prompts to guide your reflection on the year
  • space for journaling your thoughts
  • 3 categories of prompts to guide your prayer for the new year
  • space for journaling your prayers
  • worksheet for goal setting based off this exercise of remembering

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