Ep 37: Learning to Embrace Sabbath with Lisa Garon

About the Episode It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that in order to practice Sabbath, you have to do it perfectly from the get-go. My guest today, Lisa Garon, explains the slow progression of how she learned (and is learning) to really embrace Sabbath...

Ep 34: Should Christians Observe Sabbath (pt. 1)

About the Episode If I tell a mom she needs to rest regularly, she nods her head in a agreement. But, the moment I use the word “sabbath” it’s like I’ve opened a can of worms… worms that have lots of questions about the properness and...

Episode 26: 6 Tips for Soul Care during Sabbath

About the Episode As a follow up to our conversation in Episode 25 about practicing soul care within the safe space of Sabbath, I wanted to share a few tips I’ve stumbled across over the years. I hope these six pieces of advice give you a springboard for...

Episode 17: Sabbath & Your Enneagram Number with Jenn Whitmer

About the Episode How do you know what your soul needs to rest? Is it having alone time? Is it taking a walk in nature? Is it meeting with a friend over coffee? My guest today, Jenn Whitmer, suggests three ways of resting, Stillness, Silence, and Solitude, and how we...

Episode 02: Sabbath & Identity with Amanda Dzimianski

The moment Amanda and I started chatting, I knew this episode was going to be a good one! While we get into the details of Amanda’s Sabbath practice, and what it looks like for her as a mom of littles, I particularly love what she has to say about Sabbath, identity, and gaining a deeper understanding of grace through this¬†practice of rest. I know you’re gonna enjoy this one.

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